* 2014 *

14.01.14 - My applogy to all of you - I'm sorry I haven't updated in English!

                 But it seems like most people look at photos at my Norwegian part, and use Google

                 if they want to read? Tell me if I'm wrong!

                -It has flowed a lot of water under the bridge since last time ....

                -For the 4th year in a row kennel Cubilon became # 1 Best Breeder of the year!

                 I'm so proud, and very thankful to my puppy-buyers who made it possible ;)

                -Special thanks to junior Spencer (from Oline litter in 2012) he has been showed in

                 junior class since July, and ended up as # 4 of all males 2013! With a grand slam

                 at the Norwegian Winner Show: He got two titles: Norwegian Junior Winner '13(NJW-13),

                 Norwegian Winner '13(NW-13) and went BOB out of 40 pyreneans!!!!!

                 -And Oline gave birth to a new litter, born November 24th 2013.

                 My U-litter of 11 pups, is developing in to beautiful creatures!

                 They are 7 weeks old now, and it might be one male and one female available ;)

                 -See pedigree, photos, names and weight of the pups at U-LITTER

                 I do hope you will understand it, even if it's in Norwegian? 'cause photos and

                 pedigrees are quite international.... :)



* 2013 *

06.05.13 - New Norwegian Champion yesterday! Congrats to Cubilon's Mercedes Marqant ;)

                 Nearly complete RESULTS 2013 from the internationel show on Sunday

05.05.13 - PUPPIES ARE HERE! My T-litter was born 2th of May!


29.04.13 - MOST WINNING LISTS are nearly complete! And if you have some photos, please lend me?

29.04.13 -

                 *UPCOMING LITTER  Lucky is very pregnant - 57th day Monday! (photo taken 55 days)

                 *RESULTS 2013 from 7 shows last weekend!

                 *I have to brag a little of the pups born 9/11 - Spencer had 1xBIG og 2xBIS!

                  Saturday he got BOB. Sunday his brother Sokrates won BOB - BIG  3.BIS-pup!!!

                 *MOST WINNING LISTS  are also updated ;)

24.02.13 - *RESULTS 2013 from the Int show is here! And I've set up the Most Winning Lists for 2013

23.02.13 - International Show in sothern Norway today - Pavel and Qassano from me are there.

                 Waiting for results!

                *Some more work done here. Now the PHOTO-ALBUM are a bit better, I hope!

22.02.13 - Keeping up the work here! The menues for RESULTS 2013  and  LITTERS are OK

                *But still a lot of work to do.....

21.02.13 - I have started a journey that I don't have any idea how long it will last....

                 For quite a while, perhaps years, my web-site should have been made more up to date....

                 That's why somethings have changed here, but I have a lot to do! Have a little patience, please?

                 *Pedigree and photos are put in for UPCOMING LITTER  as well!

15.02.13 - *Lucky came into heat today!!!! That means mating in approx 2 weeks

                   with Ch Cubilon's Qassano Qadir   ♥

            More information about this upcoming litter will come soon!

                 *The Show-season has slowly started further south ;)

                 *Last weekend we were in Denmark, and my youngest, Qimberly, became new Danish Champion!

                 *RESULTS 2013 has got an own site here now!


07.12.12 - All the pups are sold for this time! If you are interested in a Cubilon-pup next spring/summer,

                 I have a very exciting combination waiting! News soon to come ;)

01.12.12 - Now I have redirected the link to the photos from Norwegian Winner ;))

                 After "only" one week, I've finnished the photos of all the males at the Norwegian

                 Winner-Show last weekend! Complete results, but the girls have to waite for their photos

11.11.12 - SHOW-RESULTS are now, more or less, complete!

                -Even THE TOP WINNING LISTS shall be updated!

                -It's one or two male puppies available for the right homes

25.10.12 - Here are the pups again! 6 weeks old now ;)) S-LITTER

                 At the very moment, it's 3 boys boys and 1 girl available for the right homes.

18.09.12 - Photos and weight of the pups, in their very new, own site - in English: S-LITTER

                 RESULTS from last weekends Int Show in Stavanger

11.09.12 - Today it was born 10 puppies here! My S-LITTER consist of 7 boys and 3 girls;))


09.08.12 - Today it's confirmed; Oline is pregnant!!!! See CUBILON'S S-LITTER

                  I'm really looking forward to this ;))

08.08.12 - Happy 6th anniversary to my L-litter!!!

                 I cannot understand this photo is taken 6 years ago.... It seems like yesterday!

                 But this is Helga and her newborn 10 pups;))


                 -Last weekend Hilde S and me did a trip to an Int Dog-Show in Sweden.

                 And, we returned home with two new champions, 2 x CACIB, BOB, BOS

                 and Normann even got BIG-2!!!! See more under RESULTS

14.06.12 - CUBILON'S S-LITTER will be expected 13th of September!!!

                 Unfortunately, there were no puppies after Olga-Sofia and Pavel :(

                 -That's why Oline now is mated to Normann. This is a combination I'm very excited

                 to see the results of! It's a line-breeding for two of my favourite dogs;

                 the Italian, marvellous Philours and my own Helga.

                 -Lots of RESULTS are updated since last time.

                 -At the Int Show in Trondheim 2 weeks ago, it was a real "Cubilon-day"...

                 -BOB and BOS with CACIBs, 2nd and 3rd Best male, 2nd Best female, one new N Ch,

                  (We were not alone...) BIS- with Lucky's progeny group! And BIS breeder group!!!!

                  A day to remember ;)))                

19.05.12 -  And  are updated too!

                  -Last weekend we had a looong driving to an Int Show, but it paid off!!!

                  N Ch Cubilon's Normann Nouveau was BOB and BIG#1!!!!!

                  -Oline was placed 3rd best female, and Cubilon was best breeder class;))

                  See complete RESULTS here!

                  -I've been writing all the results from shows only in Norwegian, so far this year.

                  If anyone wants them in English, can you send me a mail/message?

                  -Olga-Sofia is in heat! Finally... And we hope for mating next week with Pavel.

                  See more about it here; PLANNED LITTER

                 -The oldest living Cubilon'er was 12 years old a week ago;))


                 Cubilon's Harley Heritage, aka Marcki, living in Southern parts of Norway with Kirsti and Ed.

14.04.12 - Several Cubilon-litters has been celebrating their bithdays lately:

                 M-litter 4 years old 27th of March,

                 O-litter 3 years old 6th of April,

                  R-litter was 1 year the very same day,

                  and Q-litter 2 years old 13th of April;)))

                  -Yesterday I also got HD-results for Oline - HD:B!                 

                  -RESULTS from Int Show in Bergen today!

25.03.12 - Last weekend me and Peter Verme had a crazy ride to International Show in Harstad.

                 This little city is 1050 km north of Trondheim! And we did the trip both ways, without

                 any overnight stop..... But the payback - in the meaning of results - were fabulous!

                 Pavel BOB and 2nd Group2! Oline BOS and new Norwegian Champion! Both with

                 CACIB. Preben did a wonderful presentation, but was beaten in competition for

                 his last CAC. Here are the complete RESULTS, with photo of every dog ;))

30.11.11 - RESULTS from the Norwegian Winner and Amsterdam Winner shows last weekend!

                 MOST WINNING LISTS are also ready ;) And for second year in a row kennel Cubilon

                 is the MOST WINNING BREEDER in Norway!

19.11.11 - All the MOST WINNING LISTS are updated!

18.11.11 - My BLOG is updated, even the text is in Norwegian.... The photos are international ;))

17.11.11 - I think this is the longest periode I've ever had without any update in English....

                 That's why it's a lots of RESULTS here now!

                  Both Qimberly and the R-gang did well last weekend ;)) Ralleigh and du'Razelle both have

                  got a flying start to their show-carriers now ;))

01.10.11 - I will proudly present: Cubilon's next litter is planned spring 2012.

                 Pavel and Sofia are the two, you'll find more about them here: PLANNED LITTER

                 RESULTS are updated till this very weekend ;)

06.09.11 - So much has happened here - I'm really sorry I haven't updated you in English!!!

                 Last weekend we wrote Norwegian History here: Cubilon's Qimberly Qi is the first

                 pyr-girl in Norway to win BIS!!!! And she isn't 17 months old yet!

                 Now I've updated all RESULTS from all summer, and MOST WINNING LISTS as well ;))

26.07.11 - Tekstboks:  

Today it's 20 years since Cubilon's A-litter were born!

This will be celebrated with An Open House here,

 waffels and coffee will be served :)       

Come and join us!

10.04.11 - Lots of congrats from Cubilon to Belmondo with his BIS-veteran today!!! Well done!

                 MOST WINNING LISTS are updated after todays show.

                 The pups have got their own site here: R-LITTER

                 International show in Bergen today - here are THE RESULTS 

08.04.11 - Sad news; -one of the male-puppies passed away yesterday.

                 Status is than 2 males and 3 females. 1 female may be available!

06.04.11 - May be done!? It's 3 boys and 3 girls. As you see; all well marked!


                 Lucky is in labour! 3 girls and 1 boy in R-litter so far, more to come ;)

                 Congrats to my O-litter! Ozuna, Obama, Oline, Olga-Sofia and Omar are 2 years old today!

                 And it seems like we're getting a new litter today also.....

20.03.11 - Well, Lucky is definitely pregnant!

                 I have updated NKK's New Regulations for Dog-shows.

                 RESULTS  from different Shows recently are here!

                 And I've started up MOST WINNING LISTS! for 2011.

09.03.11 - I have a hunch that Lucky is pregnant!

                 She's very hungry! She's begging for apples! She pees over Simones pee...

12.02.11 - RESULTS from home and abroad the last two weekends!

                 Here are some facts and info for THE UPCOMING LITTER!

01.02.11  - First mating fullfilled tonight! Morris and Lucky were both very clever!

21.01.11 - FINALLY: Lucky is in heat!!! 2 months delayed, it will be mating in 2 weeks!

                                                        HAPPY NEW YEAR!




                 Almost 1 month with no updates; Sorry!

                 The kitchen takes a lot of time renovating, and I had "a little" party here last weekend :))

                 It's now clear that Cubilon is the # 1 Most Winning Breeder 2010!

                 Normann is # 6, Herr-Mann is # 8, and Linus # 9 of the boys. (Can be small changes)

                 Simone is # 3, Dorte is # 6, Oline # 8, and Lucky # 10 of the girls! (No changes possible)

                 There's one Show left, but there's not enough dogs attended to do changes amongst

                 the girls. Keeping a little  possibility for the boys.

                 A WONDERFUL show-year for the Cubilon-gang! I'm really thankful to the owners

                 and handlers whom has made this possible!!!


                 Already big girls and boys; 1 year old!

20.10.10 - RESULTS from last Sunday, International/CACIB in Tromsø. Some photos borrowed

                  from Marion! More to come.

16.10.10 - The sad news first; N Ch Cubilon's Herr-Mann Hobereau left his family at kennel

                  Sætra this morning, 10 1/2 years old. I met him last weekend at Hamar, where he ended

                  up as 4th Best Male! Many thanks to Unni and Willy who gave him a wonderful life!!!

                  Than the RESULTS from last month! Simone is keepin' on here! Best Female again at

                  Hamar! With 28 entries I'm quite satisfied with that :))

                  Even The MOST-WINNING LISTS are kept up to date.

20.09.10 - Dorte is celebrating her 7th birthday today!

                 Yesterday Qimberly got BOB and 2.BIG in Group 2 at a puppy-show!

                  (More to come)

12.09.10 - My Simone had a great day last weekend: BOB - BIG - 3rd BIS!!!

                 That's very unusual for a female! My memory is poor, but the last time I can

                 remember a female was placed in BIS, was her grandmother Ester back in 1999!

                 Qimberly did NOT leave for Estonia after all! For 3 out of my 4 last litters I had problems

                 with orders from abroad! Quite annoying, actually. Specially when they have re-decided

                 very late, the dogs are rabies-vaccinated and everything. (We don't normally

                 do that here) And months have gone without advertising! Grrhh....

                 SO: Qimberly is still for sale, IF the right, serious buyer calls!

                 For photos and more about them, see www.wonderwhites.se

                 The very same day my I-litter reached 9 years of age! And the Q-litter 3 months.

                  Congrats to each and all of you!!!

04.07.10 - A great day for me and the kennel at yesterday's International Show in Trondheim!

                 Dorte recieved her last certificate, and became Norwegian Champion! See RESULTS

                 And  the MOST-WINNING LISTS are updated again

                 Photo of the pups are here too! Due to unforeseen circumstances, Qimberley is still avalable!

                 She is a very nice looking girl - VERY fond of children! See Q-LITTER

05.06.10 - Here are THE RESULTS from todays International Show in Drammen!

                  I forgot 7-weeks-photos of the pups here in English.... Q-LITTER

                  MOST-WINNING LISTS are updated!

01.06.10 - RESULTS from last weekend, and the MOST-WINNING LISTS are updated!

                  Photos of the puppies 7 weeks old won't be taken before Wednesday - Sorry!

20.05.10 - Here are the RESULTS from todays Speciality Show in Norway! Also some photos. All of it borrowed/copied from

                 NPHK, where Pauline updated it online all day! Thank you SO much!

20.05.10 - Dear old Marcus passed away yesterday. It's a great loss for Grete in Denmark, and with him ended 40 years

                 with pyreneans for her. Thank you so much Grete, for giving him a good life! His genes are living through his children and

                 grandchildren in Denmark and Germany.


04.05.10 -  RESULTS from 6 Shows last weekend!

                 And THE MOST-WINNING LISTS are updated!


                 The pups have eaten, or shall we say bathed, their first meal with porridge!


                 This was the view from my window Sunday morning! 2nd of Mai!!!

29.04.10 - Congrats to the P-litter! They're 6 months old today!

                 THE RESULTS from 4 Shows last weekend!

                 And here are the photos and weight of the Q-LITTER 2 weeks old!

21.04.10 - Photos and weight of the pups 1 week old, Q-LITTER!

                 RESULTS from an International Show in Bergen last weekend

15.04.10 - The pups have got their own site now - see Q-LITTER! With photos and weight!

                 When these are born, it's time to release the next plans! See UPCOMING LITTER!

13.04.10 - Finally; Kamilla is in labour!

                 03.35: The first pup is a male, well marked on head and tailset.

                 04.08: A male, with 3 big spots on the back, tailset and head. Probably an arroye!?

                 04.35: Female, well marked.

                 05.35: Female, very well marked.

                 06.18: Female, marked on head and shoulder.

     08.20: Male, marked on head, and a little moustache on left side.

     09.30: Female, light markings on head and tail.



06.04.10 - Congrats to my O-LITTER - they are 1 year old today!

                 RESULTS are updated, from home and abroad!

                 I picked up Kamilla yesterday, and GUESS if this lady is pregnant?! With 1 week left...


31.03.10 - Kamilla has gained a total of 8 1/2 kilo now - and it's 2 weeks left!

                 The MOST-WINNING LIST is updated!

26.03.10 - The COMING LITTER with Kamilla is updated!

17.01.10 - First Show of the year is done - see RESULTS!

                 Finally I remembered the last RESULTS from last year also...

                 And the THE MOST WINNING PYR LIST 2009 is here! (It's not official!)

11.01.10 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!  It's quite calm around here, the last pups left a week ago.

                 But than came the cold, the worse days it was 22 minus outside. I didn't reach more than 5 degrees here by my computer,

                 and it wasn't nice to my fingers, even though it was 5 plus.... At the moment it's 15 degrees here, and it takes several hours

                 before I'm frozen! They promised "only" 6-12 minus for the next couple of days, before it will sink again.

                 I'm struggling with the new camera versus the computer - which is NOT new - and Pri1 is to fix these problems.

                 New and old photos will be put in ASAP!


15.11.09 - MOSTWINNINGLISTS and RESULTS from several Shows are updated!

12.11.09 - Photos and weight of the pups are here; P-LITTER

                 Here I am! I haven't a clue what has happened, but the computer-goblin has left again for this time!

                 If he comes back; -take a look at my BLOG, even though it doesn't say Updated! 'cause there I can go independent of this!

15.10.09 - Marion from Estonia has given me permission to use her photos of all the dogs from WW-show here!

                 Click in for each class under RESULTS

                 Lucky is growing! She has increased 14 cm around the belly, and 10 cm around the ribs - that was with 3 weeks left.....

10.10.09 - The Scandinavian dogs did really well today! COMPLETE RESULTS from the WW-show in Bratislava!

                 Lucky's "husband" Oscar, had a son there who recieved the JuniorWorldWinner-title!

06.10.09 - Congratulations to my O-litter - they are 6 months old today!

                 I've updated the RESULTS ans THE MOST WINNING LISTS after the weekend.

                 Hilde S and me were there, but our results were nothing to write home about....

                 Lucky is definitely pregnant, we don't need any x-ray or ultra-sound to figure out that!

                 The Cubilon descendants are set up in a scheme. It's called "GRANDCHILDREN", in lack of anything better.

21.09.09 - We had a small celebration here, but I forgot to write it here: Dorte was 6 years old yesterday! Ready for school....

                  Her brother "Teddy" in England recieved his Champion title last month!


20.09.09 - Carina at Wonderwhite travelled to Denmark this weekend, yesterday Bea became Danish and Nordic Champion and BOB!

                 Also Lucky's half brother became DK CH,  he's owned by Maud at Sayot's kennel.

                 Today Carina's Oscar got a new title; KBHV-09, and BOB! CONGRATS!

                 I'm really looking forward to get results from Gazost today! Belmondo is there.....

                 If you want to take a look at some wonderful autumn-photos, you can go in to my Albums at PICASA here!

                 International Show in South-West Norway last weekend; here are the RESULTS, and MOST WINNING LISTS!

06.09.09 - Even more RESULTS from today! And the MOSTWINNING LISTS after this.

                 If someone are interested; I have made new Photo-Albums from my trip to Sweden last week.

                 They can be found at this adress at Picasa: http://picasaweb.google.no/gausern

                 The three newest ones are from that trip, sorry it's not texted in English!

05.09.09 - Well done! We've been to Sweden visiting kennel Wonderwhites. Oscar and Lucky were so clever,

                  that I'll expect puppies approx. 1th of November! See UPCOMING LITTER

        There has been several Shows the last weeks, here are the RESULTS, so far.

        And even THE MOST WINNING LISTS are ajour, today!


 29.07.09 - When I'm updating my Blog, it's only in Norwegian. Yet...

                      But than I forget the English part at my web-site!

                      Some things are done about that now.

                      My I-LITTER still remains of Inga, Imre, Iommi and Ivers. They were 8 years old the 13th of July!

                      Morris -owned by Hilde S - was 1 year old the 21th.

                      Cubilon's Jessica gave birth to 9 puppies at kennel Pyreneergaarden the 23th!

                      The closer it gets, even more I look forward to mate Lucky!

                      And my sweet "little" Ozuna is moving to France in a week or two.

                      As far  as I know, it's the first pup ever from Norway to France! (Two adults moved some years ago)

                      Last weekend I got visited by Luckys brother Larris. See Photos HERE

                      Not a big surprise, but I took photos of a large amount of flowers on the farm today.

                      In fact, it's so many that they've got an own  Album-page! You can see them HERE

12.07.09 - I haven't updated for the puppies here! Sorry, I've forgotten. Now you can see O-LITTER

                      Puppy-girl Ozuna is still available!

                      Last weekend the old lad Cubilon's Herr-Mann did very well! At the age of 9 years,

                      he got the BOB both days, BIS-vet on Saturday, BIG, BIS-3 and 2.BIS-vet on Sunday!


                  The same weekend Logan gained his Canadian Champion title!  The same did one of his sons

                      the same weekend. Logans kids also do well in Rally Obedience, and now even he will try it.


04.07.09 - Here are finally some news! Lets start with the SHOWRESULTS!

                      The pup Ozuna, is still available. She is a very promising, sweet  little girl!

                      9 years old, Cubilon's Herr-Mann became BOB (12 pyrs attended) and BIS-vet today!

                      Last weekend Cubilon's Kamilla became Swedish Champion!

                      here's Obama the day he left for his new home!

13.06.09 - Due to very late change of plans, it seems like the female still aren't sold!

                     Of course I should have taken deposit, but I didn't.

                     Lets face it; - I've been too credulous, again! Look at the O-LITTER

                      And here are even SHOW-RESULTS, from February on...

                      And the MOST WINNING LIST of the year

13.04.09 - They are 1 weekold today - and here are weight and photos! See O-LITTER

12.04.09 - The puppies have got their own page! See O-LITTER, with photos!

                       I think it's hope for the little guy now! But he still is bottle-feed every 4th hour.

                      He's seems like a fighter, so he's got a name already; OBAMA!

                  Here's Obama in mum's  armpit


09.04.09 - One of the males died today. I'm crossing my fingers for the rest.

06.04.09 -

                   PUPPIES are born! Dorte and Johnsens pups came today, 5 days early.

                       Cubilon's O-litter now consists of 3 males and 3 females. 2 white females, the rest are nicely marked.

                       Photos will come, very soon!

20.03.09 - Dorte is definitively pregnant! We are looking forward to Easter Eve now, that's THE day

                      For the first time I've started a BLOG. It's still only in Norwegian, but I'll try to write in English, too.

07.03.09 - I've been away for a short holiday on the Canary Island - wonderful!

                      Dorte has developed some way, and I really hope for puppies.

                      Now was a good time for a little makeover here - and some updates of STATISTICS at the same time.

                      Piret has opened a new web-site, see LINK from Estonia

27.01.09 - Dorte is in heat! Mating will be done approx. 10th of February - see PLANNED LITTER

                     And a short update under MY DOGS - see ex JONSEN's site

13.01.09 - Here in the middle part of Norway we have snow - I mean really snow!


                 You can barely see glimpses of two dogs in the fence over to the left. On the right side is the court yard.... Or was.....

                 The puppies have left for their new homes, see them with their new owners here, N-LITTER

                 Now I'm planning the next litter! Dorte will come in heat during next month, and she will be mated

                 with Cubilon's John-Sen. I'm really looking forward to this combination!!!

                 Kennel Cubilon became 3rd Most Winning Breeder in 2008! With only 3 dogs counting.

                 Lucky was # 6 and Simone # 7 of the females. Linus # 10 of the males. Here are the FINAL LISTS

12.01.09 - I'm so ashamed of myself! Almost two months without a word. I know it isn't good enough....

                 After a loong Christmas holiday, I became sick.

                 But, this is a new year - and I take the first chance to do something here!


                  HAPPY NEW YEAR!


26.11.08 - And here are the RESULTS  from The Norwegian Winner-Show last weekend!

                  The standing at THE MOSTWINNING LIST after that, with only one remaining Show this year!

                  Last week we got a new kennelname in Norway! With a brand new web-site, too. See LINKS.

                  This week Junita and Ruben have done their part to make the kennels first litter....


 03.10.08 - The girls are groomed and ready to go! Friends are taking them to an International Show this weekend.

                  34 pyreneans will enter, for judge Per-Erik Wallin from Sweden.

                  Here's the first-born between two meals....

                  Here is a link to complete results from the French Special Show last weekend:



01.08.08 - Excuse me - it's been a really busy summertime! But the latest news is: WE ARE EXPECTING PUPPIES!

                  See N-LITTER. More to come!

06.07.08 - Complete results from World Winner Show in Stockholm click HERE!

24.06.08 - The pyrenees have done very well in the Show-ring here lately! See RESULTS

                 The MOSTWINNINGLIST is nice reading with "Cubilon-eyes" at the moment...

                 photo: Eva D.S

                 C. KAROLINE and C. KARAT with their prizes from 2 shows last weekend!!!

01.06.08 - Here are RESULTS from Shows this and last weekend, and MOSTWINNERLIST

                 And the puppies are leaving us now! Only Mercedes will stay for an extra week here. But she is really a little cute one...

                 See PUPPIES 9 weeks old!

13.04.08 - Now I've set up SHOW RESULTS for 2008! Plenty of results, and the MOST WINNER LIST

                  At the same time a new menu for the RESULT PAGE, including The Most Winning Pyr Lists for each year.

                  Linus became 4.Best In Show today!   

10.04.08 - As usual; here are the weight and photos of the pups! See M-LITTER

                  Yesterday I became a "grandmother"! Jessica got 6 males and 2 females,

                  kennel Pyreneergaarden's A-litter! Congratulation!

                  One of the females is so little, that she was laid with the kittens for a while!


                  The cat gave birth only a few hours earlier, and took her in as her own....

03.04.08 - The puppies got diarrhoea, but I think it's over now!

                  When I should update the site, the server was down, due to cabel rupture i Denmark.

                  But, at last, photos and weight of the puppies are here! See M-LITTER

21.03.08 - Today something really, really sad happend.

                 One of the 3 most winning pyrs ever, a fantastic dog - MARTIN - left his family today.

28.02.08 - I haven't said it out loud yet, but I THINK Dorte has puppies!

                 I thougt Fanny was the last of the Pulis, but no! It turned out that Frida is still going strong,

                 at the age of 13! Next Tuesday I will meet her.

                 Linus is the first from L-litter x-rayed, he has A on his hips! And he will mate this weekend.

                 Logan was x-rayed in Canada, and it looked very well. He will also mate in a week or so.

17.02.08 - Lynn Goddard has sent me photos from England, they are set up at DORTE'S PAGE!

                 Today it's 3 weeks since mating. I don't know anything yet, but Dorte is doing strange things....

                 Johnsen and Junita are exrayed now, both with an A on their hips!

08.02.08 - 2 weeks ago the last (?) Cubilon puli left us.

                 And tonight another chapter was ended - dear, old Bodil left us, almost 11 years old.

                 But the world goes around, and the L-litter is 18 months old today! Congratulations to all of you!

                 Lennart in Tallin celebrated that with obtaining BOB and CACIB!

02.02.08 - We had a wonderful day here today! Current quantity with snow, nice weather and 7 - 14 minus degrees Celsius!


27.01.08 - Ehh, here I am! Much have happened, but at the moment the most important thing is:

                 Dorte is mated! Not with Martin, but with Iommi! See M-LITTER!

15.12.07 - From Sweden I got the message that old Elliot is passed away. Cubilon's Elliot Elu EU-borger.

                  But with 2 weeks left to his 13th birthday, I'll say he was a good old man! Thanks to Carina & Pär.

28.11.07 -  Complete RESULTS from The Norwegian-Winner-Title Show at Hamar!

                  And TheMostWinningList, that for the first time won't be closed before new years eve.

                  Sunday night C. Hedda Hilarite passed away, only 7 1/2 years old.


                  I'm so grateful that I got to see her in October!

                 thank you so much to Carole Baxter, kennel Kenneview for wonderful photos to Dorte's pedigree!

                  And to Lynn Goddard, kennel Pyroni! I'm so grateful for your interest and help!

                  DOGS IN THE PAST had to be adjusted, too.


                  The 18th of October an old lady left her family. Kira - Cubilon's Gyri Gambadier - died 10 1/2 years old.

10.10.07 - Lots of RESULTS from last weekends put in!

                  Johnsen achieved his title of Champion under Alain Pecoult!

10.09.07 -  Congratulations to Lennart in Estland; he received the title Estonian Junior Champion last weekend!

                  One more Champion from the K-litter! They are 2 years and 17 days old, and 3 have got titles!

                  And a big salute for Carina at kennel Wonderwhite! Her Oscar got 5 Championat-titles!

28.08.07 -  Last weekend was remarkable, eventful and once-in-a-lifetime-experience!

                  Martin became BIS-veteran, BIS and Festival-BIS!!!


                  The 18th of August Helga left us, only 7 years old. A wonderful, lovable and proud Lady is gone.

                   Tonje, Helga and Alva.

                  She is deeply missed. Thanks to Tonje, Lars and the children for given her such a nice home!

                  And many thanks to Helga for letting us know her! RIP

23.07.07 -  Sorry - or, well, it's the sun and summer....

                  New photos of father Belmondo and 6 of the "puppies" in the K-LITTER!

21.06.07 -  And we got a new member of the gang here! "DORTE" has moved from Sweden (and England)

03.03.07 SHOWRESULTS from the last weeks - including Luckys debut today! Moms BIS-girl!!!

                  New photos of MINE DOGS - Simone, Lucky and Johnsen

                  And "The Mostwinning Pyr 2007"- Competition is set up!

03.10.05 -  Simone and Jonas have debutated as Juniors!


16.08.05 -  The K-LITTER is born!! A very clever Inga delivered 8 big, well-marked pups! With photos!

                   And ALBUM page 14, from this summer!.

                   ALBUM page 15    and  ALBUM page 16 are also here

19.06.05 -  Simone has done extremely well!!!!!


                  Saturday: BOB, BOG, BIS-2!  Sunday: BOB, BOG, BIS-3!

                  Also THE MOSTWINNING PYRS are updated

                  And BELMONDO has got his own side with photos!

15.06.05 -  They have now mated three nights running!


                    I've set up the RESULTS, and some photos from our Special-Show the 15th of May!!!

08.05.05 -  Gaus had a waffle-party here for some of his friends.... Photos here!

01.05.05     The 18th of April I forgot to congratulate also my D-litter!

                   That was my Newfy-litter, and they became 11 years old the very same day!

                     CUBILON'S CHANA CHARMANT - 12 YEARS OLD!!!!!


12.02.05 -  The promising youngsters were taken photos of and weight today - 7 weeks old!



                   "WHAT A STRANGE ONE THIS IS!?"

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