We want to take you on a journey in the Pyrenean,- and Cubilon world. We live about 30 km south of Trondheim, which is 520 km north of Oslo, Norway. This is on the countryside, and fits well for the dogs.

Today my little breeding is just the Pyrenean Mountaindog, but earlier it was both the Hungarian Pulis and the Newfoundlands.

The first litter was born in 1991, and today -21th of February 2013- it's born 19 litters at the kennel.




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Here is what the literature says about my kennel-prefix:

Dogs at Bethlehem:The legendary dogs of the shepherds who followed their masters to gaze at the infant Christ in Bethlehem were named Melampo, Cubilon, and Lubina. Modern dogs named after them will never go mad, according to legend.

Source: Leach, Maria. God Had a Dog : Folklore of the Dog. Rutgers University Press, New Brunswick, N.J., 1961. (398 L46)


                                                                                                                      PHOTO: VESA SALONEN


We decided that the litters should be in alphabetic order. Also that all Cubilon-puppies shall have two names, which starts with the same letter. The first name is the one that can be used on daily basis - a name the buyers can pick themselves as long as it starts with the given letter. The second name says something about the breeds native country. That's why the PMD's have French words/names as a second name, the Pulis have a Hungarian name, and the Newfoundlands have a Canadian name.

The main target with breeding, is to always improve the breed - based on the ideal. The breed standard sets the standard  for the exterior. At shows the dogs will be judged according to this standard. It must be mentioned, however, that it's the judges and breeders subjective interpretation of the breed standard that creates big differences in a breed. But that doesn't mean that one view is better than the other! We simply have different "taste".


Exterior can, to a certain degree, be measured against the standard at a dogshow. And health can be measured in, among others, HD,- and AA-x-rays. The PMD in Norway today, is a breed with a very good statistics on HD. 78% of the Cubilon-dogs are x-rayed, and only 9 of them have HD. Only 40% of the dogs nationwide are x-rayed, and the HD-percentage of these are about 9%. This is over a 10 years period. It's a little more difficult to tell about AA. The majority of the Cubilon-dogs are x-rayed both front and rear, but this is unfortunately not too common among the other breeders. Only one of the Cubilon-dogs has slight AA.

Good mentality should be the most important feature in a dog. A big dog, such as the PMD, with weak nerve constitution or severe aggressive features, has no place in our modern society. A lot of this can be seen in a mental-test. But it isn't common to test PMDs in Norway today. Most people know how their dog will react when they meet people, other animals and cars in daily life. But very few know how the family pet would react in a tensed situation. If breeders takes such testresult under consideration, one can avoid, among others, mentally weak dogs or severely aggressive dogs.


Mentality will always be the most important feature in Cubilon's breeding and our breeding animals. The pups we sell, are ment to be suitable and stabil family dogs. The second most important feature in a PMD from Cubilon, is the essential Pyrenean-expression. But the dogs shall, of course, be fysically healthy, too! One can't improve everything at once...  one has to give priority to a few things at a time.

Over the years, kennel Cubilon has achieved many good results at dogshows. (See also DOGS and RESULTS)  There have been some highlights for some of our individual dogs, and for Cubilon's breeding,- and progeny-classes as well. We got the first winner-title in 1994, when Lana became BOB and NorwegianWinner at the Norwegian Kennel Club's (NKC) International dogshow. The following year, Lana also became SwedishWinner - at the age of 7 1/2 years old! Her complete name with titles was then:                                                                                   

INT  N  S CH NW-94 SW-95 AMATRISE'S ILLYANE. For many years she was the bitch in Norway with the most titles ever.


                                                           BOS: IDAVANGEN'S CORNELIUS

While Minimann "ruled" the showring, he often got both Group,- and BIS-placements. In 1993, for example, we entered him at 10 dogshows, and he got 10 BOB! That includes BOB and BIS at two Swedish Speciality Shows that year! We counted his ribbons and prices once, and I seem to remember that he alone had 36 BOB and 12 BOS out of 56 entries...

We have - and have had - many Int Champions, but the Winner-titles are somewhat special. And it was fun when Ester became Best Bitch and BOS at the Norwegian Speciality Show/PMD-club Show in 1999 for judge Eliina Hapaniemi. Lana, Ester's mother, was three times 2nd best bitch at the Club Show, so it felt good to finally get the first place! But I haven't forgotten that Sebastian became Best male dog and BOS for a French judge at the Club Show in 1996 neither.


                                                      ESTER - THE BIS-GIRL!

I also remember a very special day at Rissa dog show in 1999; Ester won the Group and became BIS-2! It isn't often a bitch manages to "fight her way" to the top! A few weeks later, she became BIS-4 at "Show of Winners"!

Ester didn't enter the showring as a veteran before the age of 9 years . At her first try, she became BIS-veteran! She also got one BIS-4 as veteran, and one BIG-3 the same year. Out of 8 entries, she got 7 BOB-veteran!

During the last couple of years, our dogs got even more titles; Gaus is JuniorWorldWinner-98, NorwegianWinner-02 and NordicWinner-02. His sister Bodil, also became NordicWinner-02. So BOB and BOS at the NKC's NordicWinner Show litter brother and sister, and both owned by me. The Cubilon breeding-group was placed 1st  in the breed. What a day!


                                                                 CUBILON'S BREEDER-CLASS


Cubilon's A-litter was born 26.07.91. The sire was an import from England called Ch Carabrae Long Haired Lover - pet name Bjoerne. Owned by K. Ideborg in Sweden. The bitch was Lana - Ch Amatrise's Illyane. Lana gave birth to eight puppies, but only four of them survived. The remaining four were healthy and strong. Amica is still among us, at age of 12 years these days!(July, 2003)  I visited her and owner Liv-Berit early this spring.

No one from this litter have any progeny. Three of them became Champions. Alexander Ainet - pet name Silver - got his last Certificate, became a Champion and was placed second best male at the Norwegian Club Show for judge Mrs. Brenda Judson. She was very delighted when she after the show were told that Silver's father Bjoerne, was her own breeding!


In the summer of 1991, Minimann became father to a litter in Hessdalen, the bitch was Aadalen's Fancie. One of the bitches from this litter, has two litters at Arctic White kennel in Bodø. From these litters there are at least two bitches having progeny.

Just before Christmas in 1991, we got our first Hungarian Puli. Her name was Kanikula's Bolla Punky Ohm-O, pet name Punky. In the spring of 1992, we bought another Puli, Ch Kutya's Szuszugo-Szivar, pet name Chivas. Punky was 2 years, and Chivas 4 years when they came to live with us.


On the 4th of November 1992, our two Pulis became parents to Cubilon's B-litter; 5 males and 1 female! I can tell you, having Puli-puppies is quite different from having PMD-puppies! These little black fur-balls were running around as soon as their eyes opened! And they made this funny little noice as they were racing around, which gave them the nickname "Gremlins". Brumund and Bernhard became Champions. Four were x-rayed; all free.

In the summer of 1992, Sebastian sired a litter with Ada from Oppdal. Seven puppies were born October 3rd. One of the bitches, Vanzetta o'Cubilon - pet name Renate - came to live with us. She was a beautiful bitch, and in 1994 she became the Top Winning PMD in Norway - only 2 years old! Unfortunately she had slight HD, and a severe mentaltest, so she never had any progeny.


February 1993 we went to K. Ideborg again. This time we mated Lana with another England-import; Ch Sketrick Accumulator - pet name Dollar. We fell in love with him the first time we were there, and now he had matured into a well grown male.

On the 18th of April, Lana gave birth to Cubilon's C-litter. 12 puppies were born, and 9 of them survived; 6 males and 3 females. Chrocus Collier - pet name Ester - stayed here with us. She has had 3 litters, and also passed her mentaltest with flying colours. Everybody in this litter were x-rayed, and one had slight HD. Ester and Claus - pet name Cormac - became Champions, 6 got CC/Certificates. Four of them are still going strong.

When we went to the PMD Club Show in 1993, we brought home a Swedish dog called Ch Ideborgen's Highland Illusion - pet name Rocky. Since we had so many dogs at home, Rocky moved to a family in Trondheim to live as a "lonely child". We bought him, of course, for future breeding.

Minimann sired a litter at kennel L'ambre Jaune in Sweden in 1993; their E-litter. One of the males, Egon, was exported to Moscow, where he became the founding dog of their PMD-kennel.



Sebastian was mated  with a bitch from Hessdalen; Biba. She gave birth to 7 puppies in autumn 1993.

On the 18th of April 1994, Madikken gave birth to our D-litter. 9 puppies, 3 black males, 2 black females and 4 brown females. We lost one brown female, the others matured allright. As far as I know, there are no one from this litter having offspring. Madikken has lived with a friend of mine since she was 2-3 years old. She is still living there, a venerable lady at 12 years of age. She is an approved search-dog, the first Newfoundland in Norway!


Hunto also sired two litters in 1994, one at Quashiwa's in Sweden, and the N-litter at kennel Kanikula. His offspring  are founding dogs at one kennel in Finland, and one in Sweden.

The 12th of November 1994, Lana and Rocky became parents to Cubilon's E-litter; 4 males and 4 females. This was Lana's last litter. All puppies had grey markings, a strong inherent from their father. 7 of 8 are x-rayed, all HD-free. Two of the males -Elliot and Ebbe - were exported to Sweden.


Elliot and Eugen -pet name Heike- from this litter, have competed in obedience. Elliot is even the second PMD in history with the title LP (an obedience title). Heike passed his mentaltest with flying colours, in addition to winning obedience-prizes. Four of the E-puppies are Champions, and two of the others have recieved CC/Certificates. Elliot sired a litter in Sweden in 1996, and one of this offspring is a founding dog at kennel Wonderwhite (Sweden).  Embla had a litter in 1999 here in Norway, and one of these bitches is the founding bitch at  kennel Sætra, and has a litter there.


Sebastian was mated with the bitch S Ch Escalier's Aritca. This litter was born in January 1995, in northern Sweden, 4 males and 5 females. At least two of the females have litters.

Punky and Chivas became parents again in February 1995, to kennel Cubilon's F-litter. This time 6 males and 2 females. The F-litter wasn't as healthy as the B-litter. Many of them died rather young. One female - Fanny - became a Champion.


Sebastian moved to Nina, in springtime 1995. He was a "lonely child" with her untill he died in 2001, 11 years of age.

We had a lot of dogs at the kennel, and since none of us were at home all day, we hired a kennel-assistant. I feel I almost have to mention them, since they have become a part of kennel Cubilon's history. The first one was Hilde Stenstad. She was 18 years old when she delivered the first puli-puppies. But it was the PMD she fell truly in love with. She often came with us at DogShows, and began to handle some of our dogs from early on. So Hilde S also got a big interest in DogShows, and have been seen in the ring quite a lot over the years. When she came to look at the E-litter, Hilde and Eugen fell instantly and mutually in love with eachother. The fact that she was set on naming him Heike, was something we had to live with. Heike was Hilde's first own PMD - but now she has two other males in addition to Heike.



Tone succeeded Hilde, and worked for us for about 6 months. She couldn't resist the PMDs either, and bought Claus - pet name Cormac. Janne also worked for us some months, didn't stray far from the path - she bought a Leonberger from kennel Sjøbjørnen in Sweden.

The girls did a good job, but the next assistant was a young man. Arve worked for us for about 6 months, and he didn't blunder. I lent him some dogs from time to time over the years, and today he is a co-owner of the dogs with me.

The fall of 1995, was in many ways a division in my life. Friday 13th of October, Punky died in my arms. Later the same month, I left Harald and the farm in Skaun. Lana, Ester and I, plus a couple of cats, moved to a beautiful farm in Kvål. During the next six months, Embla, Chivas and Balder and the rest of the cats followed.


Renate moved to live with Vivian and Tore, the Puli Futhrik and Newfoundland Idefix. She didn't get along to well with other bitches, so it was the best for all parts that she lived with the boys.

On the 1st of March 1996, another epoch was over. Minimann died on his 8th birthday. Soon after that, Harald and Hunto moved to the Northern Norway.


We settled in well at the farm - Stensaas - it's a great place to live when you have dogs. Specially PMDs, who can bark at almost anything or everything sometimes... With the wood just outside the frontdoor we can enjoy the Norwegian wildlife at the doorstep.

Balder became a bit "bossy" over his old father Chivas, so he got a new home at a farm in Romsdal, January 1997. I wanted Chivas to have a quiet and peaceful retirement together with "his ladies".

At this time Ester was almost 4 years old, and it was time to look for a suitable male for her. The choise fell on Multi CH Beachbear's Aneto Silver Snowman - pet name Marius- owned by Mette & Gunnar Jensen. It was early quite obvious  that Ester was pregnant.

But just before the puppies were born, I had to take the long and painful trip to the vet. with Chivas, to put him to sleep. He got a dislocated disc in his back, which paralised his hindquarters. So Chivas, who really loved puppies, never took part in the upbringing of this litter.

Before the pups were born, Sølvi and the puli Brumund moved in with me for a period. The G-litter was born 5th May 1997; 9 large puppies - 6 males and 3 females.

A short time after they were born, one of the males kind of "called for me". So even though I wasn't suppose to keep a male, I ended up with both Gaus and his sister Gave - pet name Bodil - from this litter. Sølvi also bought one of the pups; Guttorm. Unfortunately he died only 4 years old. Gulliver was exported to Sweden, to Carina and Lars at kennel Wonderwhite.


7 of 9 are x-rayed, all free from HD. One of them have slight AA, the rest of them are free.

At the WorldDog Show in Finland 1998, Gaus became JuniorWorldWinner and 4th best of the males. The winner of Open Class and 3rd best of the males was Cubilon's Ebbe Emigrant. BOB and WW-98 was Marius, Gaus' dad. Bodil didn't do too bad either, she was placed 3rd best JuniorBitch out of 10 or 12 entries.

After this experience, everything seemed possible. Gaus and Bodil quickly acchieved their Championtitles, but Gaus needed time to mature. He was shown from time to time, and he likes it in the showring, contrary to Bodil, who never quite got the point with DogShows. If she had been willing to "show herself" well - noone knows how far she might have gone. She has an exterior most only can dream about! Gulliver also became a Champion after 4 shows in Sweden.




pet name MARTIN - THE BIS-DOG!

When making a summary of the show-season 2003,  it's been a fantastic year! Again! It went out to be a "Martin-year". He has attended 12 dogshows, and take a brief look at these results:

10 x BOB, 1 x BOS and one 2nd best male! Under 11 different judges. And in the final rings he did it as well:

1 x BIS

2 x BIG

2 x 3rdBIG

1 x 4thBIG

in addition to the title NORWEGIAN WINNER 2003  ( NW-03)

                                                                                                       Photo: Carina Berntsen

NKK's Int Dog Show in Trondheim, June 2003:

BOB - Martin and BOS - Bodil

In September Martin reached another peak for the kennels history; he became BIS at a big national dogshow!

Ester has done well, in her 11th year. She has gained 8 times CK, and been placed as BIS-2 veteran 3 times! The other dogs has also done well, ex Bodil has 4 x BOS, and 1 x BOB. Gaus has just seen the tail-lights from Martin, but he is pretty close... He did manage to receive 2 x BOB, 4thBIG and 5thBIG.

The kennel's breeder-groups has 8 x HP, and Ester's progeny-group has this year received 5 x HP, and been placed in the Final-rings.

Martin's progeny-group won BIS at the biggest International Dog-Show at Hamar! At that time his offspring was 9 months old! Congratulation to Martin's  owner -Hilde S, and the breeder of the offsprings -Hilde G!

The Pyrenean Mountaindog Club of Norway has an annual competition of show-results through the year. Martin became the most-winning male in 2003! Gaus was 5th. For the females, I think Bodil is 4th, Ester 6th, and Helga 7th. Not bad at all!

                                                                                             Photo: Beate Konstad



Bodil wouldn't give us any puppies this year either. So it's may be safer to wait for Helga? She will be mated during spring 2004.

But it also happens sad things in the doggy-world.

The 23th of October Heike left Hilde, Rayek and Martin. He will be remembered as a "once-in-a-lifetime-dog". Thanks to Hilde S for her love with him, and for given him a good life.

At 23th of December Embla left here family with Ellen, Erik and Karna. She will always be a bit special for me, Embla lived with me for the first 2 1/2 years of her life. Many thanks to Ellen! I know Embla could not have got a better home!

The very last time the E-litter siblings met, in Gustav Vigeland-park in Oslo.

From left: Ester, Gaus, Martin, Heike, Embla and Karna.



From the left; Belmondo de Beaute Blanche, his father N S CH NW-03 Cubilon's Hann-Hund Hommage,

and the grandmother N S CH Cubilon's Crocus Collier. Photo is taken in September 2003, by Kristin Skåre.

Hello again! The year started with a show in Sandefjord, where Sætra's Alana attended her first dog-show ever, 9 months old. And managed to get the Certificate and won BOB! (She is a "double grand-child" of Cubilon.)

Couple of Cubilon-dogs and their offspring are mated recently; In Sweden kennel Sayot's are expecting puppies 20th February after Cubilon's Hermod Homeopat (owned in Denmark), under Sayot's Jammy Jamaica. Also in Sweden, kennel Wonderwhite have mated the Cubilon-grand-grand-child Wonderwhite's Classic Dream,(Pepsi), with the famous Multi CH Multi Winner Vi'Skaly's Fabian Sirius Do-Ca. Known from Crufft's 2002. They are expecting puppies the 18th of March.

And I'm really looking forward to have puppies here, too! I can almost smell them when looking at photos from other breeders...  "Helga, we are ready to leave", we just have to wait for her period of heat.....

Sætra's Alana recieved Cert and went out as 2nd Best Female at Dog-show both 7th and 8th of February! Woowh - what a flying start to a carrier!

                                                                 Photo: Beate Konstad


Sayot's didn't get any puppies this time. But Carina at Wonderwhite is convinced that Pepsi is pregnant....

From Denmark they reported that Cubilon's Hermod Homeopat -pet name Marcus - became Danish Champion! At the very same day that his "room-mate" Sayot's Kamelia Kame did the same!

                                                   DK CH CUBILON'S HEMOD HOMEOPAT - pet name MARCUS,

                                         AND  DK CH SAYOT'S KAMELIA KAME - pet name MILLE

There has been several dog-shows already. But see under Show-results for them. It has been a sad time at kennel Cubilon. A pronounced chapter is over. My beloved first lady, Ester, has left us. Almost elleven years old, but healthy untill the two last weeks of her life.

Her calm, but dignified expression, and her fantastic character will hopefully be passed on to her children and grand-children. She is deeply missed at home, both two,- and fourlegged.




And my beautiful, brown, old lady also has left. Dear Madikken was put to sleep June 18th. Many thanks to Trude and Per for giving her a perfect home. And thanks to Madikken to let me know her!!! A huge peronality is gone.

It has been so many sad news this year, I almost forget the better things. Dog-show isn't THAT important.

But the kennel-prefix is well mentioned both in the results, and at the "Most winning pyrenean List". Both in Norway and  Denmark! We have been at the international show in Trondheim, Helga became BOS. We were at Otta;  Martin became BOB, and both Inga and Ivers got Cert!

Cubilon's Gullik Gaiete and his owner Morten, has attended a course for trackers. This was held in Sweden, but they are living only half an our from the border. And they did very well! So well that they were chosen to act in a display!

I'm looking more and more forward to have puppies here again! Helga will be mated now this autumn, approximately october....

And the next happening around here is "Trondheim Dog-Featival", held the last weekend of August. The pyrs are attending two shows here. Judges are Elke Pepper from Germany, and Maurice Baker from South Africa.

The Dog-Festival was in the sign of Martin - again. At Saturday he became BOB and BOG! Sunday he went out with BOB, BOG and BIS-2! The very same day Gaus became 5-BIS of the Veterans, and Cubilon's Breedinggroup recieved 3-BIS!! What a weekend!

Next weekend Martin attended his 3rd Show in 8 days, and  gained his 3 x BOB and 3 x BOG!! Plus the 2 x BIS-2!!! WOW! For more details from the show-ring, see under RESULTS.

The week after, Bodil was mated with Martin. I'm really holding my thumbs; -let there be puppies this time!!!!


It wouldn't succeed this time either. No puppies.

But now I'm back from Italy! And some FANTASTIC days with Elena & Angelo, Patrizia & Ferruccio, taking me around to see pyrs! Their hospitality was marvellous! So was the food, wine, and not to forget; -the dogs! How can I ever reciprocate all this?! But let's hope that the "outcome" will be the same quality! For the first time ever, I have puppies on my list of wants for Christmas...



See more about the litter - PLANNED LITTERS

Here it's obvious that Helga is pregnant!!! So far, so good!

The Norwegian Winner-show isn't much to talk about. Martin was placed third of the champions, without any CK, and Gaus got a first in quality and first veteran without HP or CK eigther!! And when the car broke down when we started the way home...

Well, let's talk about something much more fun! Cubilon did very well on the Most-Winning-Pyr-lists this year! The kennel became first best Breeder!!! Amongst the males, Martin is third, Gaus sixth and Iommi seventh!!! On the female listing, Bodil and Helga shared the fifth place, and on the veteran-list Bodil is third and Gaus forth!!! Great!!!

Last weekend we took home our latest member of the gang; SAY HELLO TO OZZY!!!



Isn't he nice?

He is in a phase of habituating, it wasn't a absolutely success when he said hello to the old cat here.... Ozzy didn't have a problem with that, but the older one has defintely! So in a few days we will start "The Big Test"; to say hello to the dogs....                                                      

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